Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Part 2 of Sept. 23rd

Yes, I did want so bad to be in South AR with Daddy, Mama and Kelly. God is 1st, Family is 2nd in my life and exactly in that order. Later that afternoon I got a call from my sweet cousin, Jennifer. I just bawled over the phone. I didn't know how to comprehend this. I didn't know yet that it was cancer, but I had this horrible overwhelming feeling. I talked with my sweet, sweet Daddy soon after. I remember he said, "Meredith, you and I have always been real close, and I love you....." I don't remember crying with him on the phone. I do remember it was one of the most precious moments. I told him he was going to be okay. We had to think like that. We had no idea what was going to happen. I just prayed for the Lord to help us. I prayed and prayed. Paige was still with me at the apartment and we had a Mary Kay meeting that night...not only a meeting but a fashion show for all Star consultants (I was one of them). I didn't wanna miss out but I also wanted to stay home. Paige encouraged me to go so I did. I had fun "modeling" our new clothes and makeup look, but inside, I was screaming. I was really----in a state of shock. I didn't know what to do. I really didn't. Like I said before, I wanted Russell and I to go to Camden. At that point, we were in the middle of trying to close on our house. We thought if it was not scheduled to close on that weekend we could go to Camden.

I will update as soon as I can with more.....

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  1. Meredith--I am SO SORRY for what you and your family have been through and are still going through. I have great respect for you for being so transparent and sharing your story. I know that must be so hard, but I pray God will use your testimony to help others. Guy's dad is terminally ill and has been for many years. I know he is encouraged by the strength of others who have been down a similar road. I am praying for peace, courage, strength, and healing for you, your sister, and your mom. If you need ANYTHING, even a cup of coffee, just call!